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Wiping rags

To meet our customers expectations,as well the current market situation, halfway the company created a line of different kinds of cotton wiping rags. Sorting fabrics according to:

cotton type/quality, color, thickness, as well as the size, we created wiping rags with very wide application within many, often very different domains of production and activities in the area of keeping clean.

Our wiping rags is a special mix of a different cotton fabrics like : kattun, tricot, terry cloth and others. Germany, Denmark, France and Holland are our suppliers of the material from which our wiping rags is produced. We can ensure that the fabrics are of a very good absorptive qualities. Our rags are being produced according to all EU standards and they doesn't contain any synthetic materials, buttons, zips or other hard accessories. It'sdeprived of any buttons, zipers or any other hard accessories.

Moreover, the wiping rags is cut into big or standard sizes and packed into practical , wrapped in foiled, compact 10 kg cubes (40x40x20 cm). All wiping rags is placed on pallets (300 or 420 kg) foiled and strapped - prepared for export!

We offer You the best combination of high quality and price! Check this out!