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Kasprowicz i Spółka Sp. z o.o. Company has been operating since 1991. Our rich experience within the field of production and trade of cotton wiping rags has been appreciated by our numerous, native as well as foregin clients in whole Poland: automotive companies, producers of building materials, printing companies, workshops, machine manufacturers and others.

We are one of the biggest supplier in Down Silesia Region of Poland. The company growth can be seen year on year. Presently Kasprowicz Textile Recycling hires
90 people. Monthly production of clothing is approximately 250 thousand kilograms and additional products of 300 thousand kilograms.
The majority of our goods is sold to the countries of European Union (Germany, Sweden, Danmark, Netherlands, Belgium, Croatia, France, Slovakia, Slovenia, Greece) and exported to East and South Europe (Russia, Belarus ).

Kasprowicz Textile Recycling partially produces textile, ground felt, and wadding on the basis of second-hand clothing and textile waste such as leftovers, defective materials and lower grade upholstery sewing materials.
The company specializes in jeans products as well as knitted wool, cotton, acrylic and polyester.